Website for a sport consulting company.

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about the project.

Design and implementation of a website through proper user experience and user interface with a specific market niche to boost and maximise the conversion and the ROI

Our customer asked us to create a website to show the main offering and resources (both free and premium) for their target audience.

The main need was to maximize the conversion to acquire new lead through content accessible through podcasting platform and opt in download such as mini courses and free ebooks

client: cambiodicampo

Train and consult sport clubs, sport trainers and managers through online courses, in presence courses and podcasting.

That's what we've done.

We conducted market research for main target needs in that specific niche of sport trainers and sport managers.

After having found the main highlights and having designed the customer personas, we developed a wireframe for the website in order to be sure that all the engagement flows in the website could have been optimized for the audience and cool for the client to work on

By accepting the wireframe we began to create the IT infrastructure of the website, the user experience and the user interface under the constraints of simplicity and high conversion strategy

Main results.

Facciamoci due chiacchiere.

italian version for:
"let's chat a little bit more"

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