Creation of a marketing digital content journey for an innovative startup operating in the smart control system market

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about the project.

Ideation, recording and editing of a video journey content that enable our client to generate brand awareness and leads to a strong position in its market

Our client wanted to create a content journey that enfolds around various topics having the same focus: smart access control system and flexible work spaces

Their main aim was the creation of awareness and empowering their final customer and potential partner in knowing what the Sofia solution is able to enable in the workplace


Sofia Locks provides PropTech access control solutions that support security and collaboration. They help market leaders in digitalization and new business designing.

That's what we've done.

At first we analysed the market and asked our clients about its target, both current and ideal one. After that we exploited the data we collected by designing and testing a marketing personas to shape all the content around it, only at that point we co-ideated the core values of the several episodes we would have recorded and designed the marketing funnel aimed to increase the chance of reaching new leads. 

Finally, knowing all the main insight to create an impactful content able to resonate inside target people heads, we recorded and edited both the core content and we extracted some video pills from it in order to create quick contents to create more awareness and engagement throughout the social audience living in the proptech environment. 

We kept on giving support for enriching the content through call to actions for maximising the value given to the audience.

Main results.

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